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Why Choose Us?

We are the number one choice for many people in Minneapolis when they are looking for a city plumbing service. Here is why:

20 years of experience – We have over two decades of experience in sewer line repair, so we know what we’re doing, and are equipped to tackle a wide range of sewer line problems.

Upfront pricing – We tell you how much your sewer line repair job will cost before we begin working, so you don’t have any nasty surprise charges down the line.

24 hour emergency plumbing – Is your sewer line situation critical? You can call us at any time to have the problem dealt with.

Our Sewer Line Repair Services in Minneapolis, MN

Here are some of the sewer pipe problems that our experienced and professional team can take care of in your home, as part of our residential plumbing services:

Blocked pipes – Do you have a blocked drain? Often grease and other gunk can accumulate in your sewer pipes and block them up. Our team will come to your home and clear these blockages for you.

Corroded pipes – Corrosion in your sewer pipes can restrict the flow. Our team can repair corrosion problems of all types.

Broken and cracked pipes – Your sewer pipes can become broken or cracked for a number of reason, such as shifting soil, tree routes, and many other problems. Our team will fix these breaks and cracks for you so your pipes function again.

Leaking pipes – When the seals between your pipes break this can cause leakages. Our team will seal up these leakages again, so your sewer pipes will work.

Bathtub or toilet clogged – Is your bathtub or toilet clogged? Let our team clear the blockage for you so you can enjoy using your bathroom again. We have a same day emergency service if the situation is critical.

Contact us today for our main line sewer services, and our team of plumbers will help you out.